Watkins Glen

1969 CanAm

Ronnie Bucknum
Lola T162


Chuck Parsons
Lola T162


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Let me tell you a story about why these two pictures are here.

I went to the 2008 Monterey Historics, and the #31 was the first car I saw in the paddock. So, because I have this photo, I walk over to the owner and start talking to him. He’s fascinated by my collection, and he calls over his chief mechanic. Seems the mechanic has been working on this car for the last 40 years. Also seems that at this race, he was working for Carl Haas’ Simoniz team. Seems also that that’s him in the Parsons photos.

So the owner of the car, and his mechanic, now have these photos in their collections.

Small...very, very small...world.