Alder Park

OK, time for some photos of my track...


Looking from turn 1 up to the starting line. Paddock is on the left, but I’ve neglected to take a photo of turns 1 and 2.

After turns 1 and 2, you head into Thunder Valley. The portion of track that disappears off the right of this photo...

...is the straight in the middle of this photo. The track is winding its way up hill: the base of Thunder Valley is about 40in off the ground, the turns that disappear into the ravine about 48in

Another shot of the turns leading up to the ravine.

And now in the ravine looking back to where you came from. The track disappearing on the left...


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...leads into this sweeping right-hander, which leads onto the 15ft back straight.

The back straight ends in another sweeping right-hander, which leads further up hill into a rather complex series of corners, leading onto a 9ft downhill straight, barely visible on the left

That straight leads into this right hairpin, followed by some sweeping downhill turns...

...seen here...and then the final right onto the main straight.

Standard Tjets take about 25sec; SG+ about 17sec.

Scenery includes an operating HO train. This photo is taken from the the right side of the photo above