1967 USRRC

Skip Barber
McLaren Mk2


Mark Donohue
Lola T70 Chevy

SmallDonohue1 SmallDonohue2

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The story: Even later in the day at the 2008 Monterey Historics (see other stories on the Watkins Glen CanAm page and the 1966 CanAm page) I came upon this Lola, the first Lola to try an adjustable spoiler. The owner is going through a pile of restoration photos with a friend of his, and when I arrive, a xerox of this detail photo is the one on the top of his pile. “That’s my photo” I say to him. He says he got it off the internet. “Probably racingsportscars.com” [a great site, btw] I say. The I open my book and show him the original.

How improbable is all of this?